4 reasons to buy a sparkling water maker

Sparkling water maker, soda maker, sparkling water machine, carbonator, soda streamer - call it what you want. Whatever we call it, you've probably realized that the functional appliance has taken a prominent place on the kitchen counter in many homes. Below we list 4 reasons why you should own a sparkling water maker.

1. Functional and good design

In recent years, soda makers have regained popularity in many households. The design and functionality of the soda maker have undergone a minor revolution in the past decades that has given the appliance renewed legitimacy in modern homes. The soda maker had its prime in the consumer society of the 1950s, where you could find soda makers in thousands of homes around the world. However, with an inability to innovate, combined with an outdated and impractical design, the soda maker lost its popularity in the late 90s. 

Today, soda makers are produced in more sleek and minimalistic designs, which in turn has made them a welcome kitchen appliance and an integral part of many modern homes. Today's soda makers are also much more user-friendly, as the functionality has been simplified so the bottle can be effortlessly connected and disconnected again. However, what has always been the genius of this appliance, as compared to other appliances, is the fact that it works without electricity.

2. Perfect for drinks

A soda maker can be used for more than just sparkling water. If you have cordial or syrup, some fresh berries, or fresh lemon slices, you can easily turn your sparkling water into a fizzy drink. 

Some types of advanced soda makers, like the bubliq drink carbonator, can even carbonate other liquids than water. This makes it possible to experiment with juice, cold-infused tea, wine, or lemonade for instance.

3. An eco-friendly and cost-saving solution

With a soda maker, you will never have to go to the supermarket again to buy bottles of sparkling water. In fact, using a soda maker is a more cost-effective solution as you can make sparkling water for less than EUR 0.5 per liter.

Homemade sparkling water is the eco-friendly choice. Recent Danish studies have shown that 1 liter of water emits 0.0002 kg CO2 when pumped directly into the consumer's tap. A 1 l bottle of sparkling water from the supermarket emits an average of 0.18 kg CO2 due to production and transport. That's around 900 times more than when you make homemade sparkling water!

 Studies also show that families with soda makers at home drink more water compared to families without. The study suggests that many people find sparkling water more appealing as compared to still water, hence the greater consumption. 

4. A good investment

There are many reasons to buy a soda maker. It saves you time and money, and benefits the environment by lowering your consumption of single-use plastic bottles.

Investing in a soda maker is an investment in your home and time.

It will forever change how you feel about water, and there is a good chance that you will start to crave the fizzy water on a daily basis.

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