CO2 Canister

bubliq CO2 cylinders are compatible with all soda makers, except from SodaStream models with Quick Connect. Getting new CO2 canisters for your carbonator is simple. Select from packages containing 1, 3 or 6 CO2 cartridges, with larger orders earning you greater discounts.

FAQ - CO2 Cartridges

Below you find a list of frequently asked questions about CO2 cylinders.

Our CO2 cartridges fit all soda makers on the market, except SodaStream models with Quick Connect. 

Online exchange service
You can exchange your CO2 cartridge at bubliq. We exchange CO2 cartridges from all brands, except SodaStream Quick Connect CO2 cartridges. it requires a minimum of 3 cylinders to exchange cylinders at bubliq.

NB: Kindly note, that our online exchange service is currently only available in certain countries. 

Exchange for other brands
You can usually swap your bubliq CO2 canisters to other brands, as CO2 canisters are universal and part of the same universal exchange system. However, we recommend checking with the specific brand for their exchange policies. 

Yes, you can exchange your CO2 cartridge at bubliq. We exchange CO2 cartridges from all brands, except SodaStream Quick Connect CO2 cartridges.

To provide you with a competitive price on CO2 canister exchange, we've established a minimum requirement of 3 CO2 cartridges. This number of 3 ensures cost-effectiveness in shipping and handling, making the exchange process more efficient for all involved. 

No, we don't operate as a deposit or return scheme that provides refunds for your empty CO2 cartridges. Instead, we offer an exchange service where your empty cartridges are swapped for new full ones.

We're committed to minimising waste and maximising efficiency, which is why we added an additional 25g of CO2 to our CO2 canisters. 

CO2 Canisters that fit all soda makers

Thanks to the universal screw thread on our bubliq CO2 cartridges, they're compatible with all soda makers except for SodaStream models with Quick Connect. 

Are all CO2 cartridges the same?

Yes and no. While most CO2 cartridges includes between 425g to 450g of carbon dioxide, the difference lies in the valve type.  

Most CO2 canisters use a screw-threaded valve which makes the CO2 cartridges compatible with the majority of soda makers. However, with SodaStream's introduction of the Quick Connect CO2 canister, their valve has been patented and designed to only fit their soda makers, thus making it incompatible with bubliq.

CO2 cartridge exchange

Online exchange service
bubliq CO2 cartridges can be exchanged in our online exchange service here. As bubliq CO2 cartridges are universal, they can also be exchanged for other brands.

In-store exchange
Currently, we don't offer in-store exchanges for bubliq CO2 cartridges. However, you can usually exchange them with other brands, as they are part of a universal exchange system. We recommend checking with the specific brand for their exchange policies.  

25g extra CO2

At bubliq, you always get 25 g of extra CO2 in your CO2 canister. Our CO2 cartridges contain 450 g of food-grade CO2, which is 25 g more than other CO2 cartridges available on the market. We believe in maximizing resource efficiency and that is why we fill our CO2 canister to the top.  

TÜV approved CO2 cartridge

At bubliq, our CO2 cartridges undergo extensive safety testing and hold TÜV approval, demonstrating compliance with EU quality and safety standards. TÜV, a renowned German testing and certification institute, certifies products for the European market. With our TÜV approval, you can trust that bubliq CO2 cartridges meet rigorous safety standards, ensuring you receive a secure and certified product.