Getting started

On this page we will give you an introduction on how to get started with bubliq drink carbonator. Watch our videos, read our step-by-step guide or browse our FAQ. You can also download the user manual. Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Contact us here.

How to carbonate your beverages

Step-by-step guide:
Getting started with bubliq drink carbonator

1. Find a drink

Find a drink that you would like to carbonate and pour it in the bottle. Try white wine, apple juice or water with fresh mint leaves for instance. TIP: Cold beverages at a temperature around 4-5° C will absorb the carbon dioxide best.
2. Carbonate your drink
The degree of carbonation greatly depends on personal taste. Hence, experimenting to find the right amount might be a good idea. For best results, we do however recommend the following procedure: Press the carbonator key 3-4 times at 1-2 seconds intervals. Stop when you hear a whistling sound. This means the pressure relief valve is letting gas out, and the bottle has reached its max.
3. Flip the bottle
After carbonation, we recommend to lightly flip the bottle upside down a couple of times to mix the liquiq and gas. Do not shake the bottle!
Woman carbonating water on bubliq carbonator
4. Open the bottle

After carbonation, remove the infuser cap from the bottle and enjoy your sparkling water.

5. Other beverages
When carbonating beverages like juice, lemonade, drinks or other beverages containing sugar, please follow this procedure: After carbonation, wait till the foam drops to the max level line. Slowly screw the infuser cap 15° counterclockwise to release pressure. When the foam reaches the gas relief mark, close the cap and wait for the foam to drop to the max. level line again. Repeat the procedure until it is safe to open the bottle. Please note, that sugary drinks tend to create more foam. Hence, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure three times before the bottle can be opened safely. 

Woman pouring home-made sparkling water into a glass


Below you find a list of frequently asked questions.

You can carbonate almost any drink.
However, there are a few exceptions:

  1. Juice containing fruit pulp, like orange juice with pulp.
  2. Liquids with high thickness such as undiluted cordial.

Liquids with high thickness can cause the pressure relief valve to clog, resulting in gas building up inside the bottle. This may cause the carbonator to malfunction, which will invalidate the warranty.

The degree of carbonation greatly depends on personal taste. Hence, experimenting to find the right amount for you might be a good idea. However, for sparkling water we recommend pressing the carbonating key 3-4 times at 1-2 seconds intervals each time.

You know it is time to stop carbonating your drink, when you hear a whistling sound from the top of the bottle. This means the pressure relief valve is letting gas out, and the bottle has reached its max.

No, it is not necessary to fill the bottle to the max level line. The infuser cap does not have to be covered by liquid either. To mix the gas and drink better we recommend flipping the bottle a few times after carbonation.

bubliq drink carbonator is compatible with all 425 g. gas cylinders e.g. from SodaStream, AGA, Grohe, etc. At bubliq, we distribute gas cylinders from Nordic Soda. If you buy a bubliq carbonator incl. gas cylinder, you will receive a gas cylinder from Nordic Soda.

Living outside of Denmark?
If you reside outside of Denmark, you can normally exchange to another brand when you hand in your empty gas cylinder. This is because all 425 g gas cylinders are universal. However, we encourage you to check with your local supplier of gas cylinders before buying our cylinders. 

No. The bottle and infuser cap should be washed by hand at a temperature between +4°C to +40°C. Avoid pouring boiling water in the bottle or store it in the freezer for faster cooling. We recommend using warm water and mild detergent for cleaning the bottle and infuser cap.

Yes, the bottle has an expiry date of 3 years from the first day of use. The expiry date is not imprinted on the bottle, so make sure to keep an eye of the expiration date. We recommend writing the date of expiration in the manual. If the bottle is deformed, cracked, discolored, or hardened it should be replaced immediately.

If you live in Denmark, you can exchange your gas cylinder at your nearest Nordic Soda retailer. If you live outside of Denmark, you can exchange your gas cylinder in most grocery and hardware stores. Just make sure the gas cylinder contains 425 g. (60 L). 

No. When buying a bubliq drink carbonator incl. gas cylinder, 1 gas cylinder from Nordic Soda will be included. If you wish to buy more gas cylinders, we refer to one of Nordic Soda’s 300 retailers.

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