bubliq CO2 cylinder 450 g

The bubliq CO2 canister contains 450g of food-grade CO2, which seamlessly fits the bubliq drink carbonator and most other soda makers. The CO2 cylinder utilizes a standard screw-threaded valve, making it interchangeable with any other gas cylinder brand on the market. We use the standard 425g CO2 cartridge, however, at bubliq we've added an extra 25g of CO2 at no additional cost to you.

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Gas under pressure - Restricted shipping

This product does not ship to the following countries: Iceland, USA, Canada & Mexico

The bubliq CO2 cartridge holds 450g of food-grade CO2, designed to seamlessly pair with the bubliq drink carbonator and the majority of other sparkling water makers.

At bubliq, we stick to the same trusted CO2 cartridges as the standard 425g ones. The only difference is we've added an extra 25g of carbonation to ours, giving you more for less. Filling our CO2 cartridges to the top is our commitment to maximizing resource efficiency.

bubliq CO2 cartridges features a universal screw thread making them compatible with all soda makers, except for SodaStream models equipped with Quick Connect.


Kindly note that our CO2 cartridges do not fit refrigerators or taps such as Grohe, Quooker etc.

You can utilize our online exchange service to swap your empty CO2 cylinders. Please be aware that you'll need either 3 or 6 empty CO2 canisters to use this service. NB: Our online exchange service is currently available only in specific countries.

Exchange for other brands
You can easily swap your CO2 cartridge with any other brand, as long as it has a valve with a screw thread, ensuring compatibility with your bubliq drink carbonator.

Co2 cartridge material: 100% Aluminium
Content: 450 g food-grade CO2
Dimensions: 36 cm x 6 cm (height x diameter)

Feel confident in bubliq's commitment to quality – our CO2 cartridges have earned TÜV approval, demonstrating adherence to the rigorous purity standards set by the EU and JECFA for food additives.

  • Handle the CO2 cartridge carefully
  • Store the CO2 cartridge at room temperature and never in direct sunlight
  • Remove the CO2 cartridge from the soda maker during transport
  • Never let children handle the CO2 cartridge unsupervised
  • Move the CO2 cartridge to a safe place in case of fire


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