Compatible with all gas cylinders

bubliq drink carbonator is compatible with all 425 gram (60L) gas cylinders and can be used with gas cylinders from e.g. Grohe and SodaStream (except SodaStream Quick Connect). Even though the valves from Grohe and SodaStream are different, they both fit bubliq drink carbonator, as the carbonator uses a universal connector. 

Gas from Nordic Soda

At bubliq we distribute carbon dioxide from Nordic Soda. When you buy a bubliq drink carbonator incl. gas cylinder you will receive a cylinder from Nordic Soda. Their carbon dioxide is produced in Denmark and at a price 30% below the market price! 

Gas exchange - living outside of Denmark?

If you live outside Denmark, you can usually exchange to another brand when you hand in your empty gas cylinder. This is because all 425 g gas cylinders are universal. However, we encourage you to check with your local supplier of gas if they exchange gas cylinders from other brands.

EUR 9,5 for a gas exchange in Denmark

If you live in Denmark, you can get a gas exchange for only EUR 9,5 at your nearest Nordic Soda retailer. Please keep in mind that bubliq does not sell gas cylinders separately nor do we exchange empty cylinders.

425 g kulsyrepatron fra Nordic Soda