Drinks with sparkling water

Discover new drinks with sparkling water

With bubliq's soda maker, you can easily create sparkling drinks and carbonated beverages to increase excitement. Experiment with sparkling water by creating different drink recipes and flavour combinations!

Balance fizz and flavour with bubliq

Using sparkling water as the main ingredient in drinks offers several benefits. Firstly, sparkling water is light and sparkling - the fizzy water awakens the taste buds, creating a refreshing and slightly tingling drinking experience. The bubbles in sparkling water blend perfectly with alcohol in cocktails, while allowing the addition of other flavourful ingredients.
bubliq's drink carbonator also makes it easy to customise the level of fizz. By experimenting with the carbonator, you can create drinks with the amount of fizz that appeals to you.

The sparkling water maker - A versatile appliance

A carbonator is a handy device for both everyday use and festive occasions. For festive occasions, sparkling water is a versatile drink mixer that is indispensable in classic drinks such as Aperol Spritz, Mojito, or Tom Collins. At the same time, sparkling water contains no calories, and compared to soft drinks, it is a healthy alternative for those looking to reduce their sugar and calorie intake. Here are drinks such as Whiskey High Ball, Vodka Soda, or Gin Rickey, all excellent, low-calorie drinks.

Garnish your sparkling water drinks

Want to make your drinks look more appetizing? Then you should definitely garnish them! Garnishing your sparkling water drinks with fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, or stainless steel straws will give your drinks a beautiful visual appeal. Consider the type of glass to use. Gin-based drinks go well with big round wine glasses, whereas drinks such as Tom Collins and Whiskey High Ball go better with tall glasses. 
silver bubliq sodavandsmaskine på spisebord med lækre drinks med jordbær

Make mocktails with bubliq's sparkling water maker

A drink can also be non-alcoholic - bubliq's drink carbonator offers a great opportunity to create perfect mocktails full of flavor and creativity. By combining sparkling water from the soda maker with different flavors, you can create refreshing and appealing drinks. In addition to soda syrups like Italian Blood Orange and Italian Sorrento Lemonade, you can experiment with other flavors such as juice, lemonades, or cordial. Add a dash of lemon or lime slices, or create a sweet and aromatic experience with fresh berries and mint leaves. Get inspired by what you have in your fridge and experiment with tasty combinations.

Eco-friendly sparkling water

When you make sparkling water drinks with bubliq's drink carbonator, you fuel the circular economy and contribute to responsible consumption by reducing single-use plastic bottles. This reduces plastic pollution and improves your carbon footprint. In addition, the soda maker allows you to make exactly the amount of sparkling water you need, minimizing waste and overconsumption. In the end, it has never been easier to enjoy sparkling water with a clear conscience.

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