Matte black bottle for bubliq drink carbonator

Need an extra bottle for your bubliq drink carbonator? The bottle contains 800 ml of your favorite drink and is convenient to store in your fridge, should you run out. The bottle is made of plastic and is 100% free from BPA and phthalates. A regular lid is included.

DKK 79,00


An extra bottle always come in handy. The bottle can contain 800 ml and is ideal for keeping in the fridge, ready for carbonation. We recommend that you always cool your beverages before carbonation, as it will improve the liquids ability to absorp the gas.

The bottle has an expiry date of 3 years from first day of use. However, you won’t find an expiry date imprinted on the bottle. We recommend that you keep the receipt or write down your first day of use in the user manual. We recommend changing the bottle immediately, if the bottle seems hardened, discolored, cracked or deformed.

We recommend cleaning the bottle with mild detergent and lukewarm water. If the bottle needs thorough cleaning, we recommend using a bottle brush. Do not expose the bottle to temperatures under +4°C or above +40°C. The bottle is NOT safe for dishwasher!

Material: PET, 100% BPA-free
Capacity: 800 ml
Measures incl. lid:
H: 37,2 Ø: 6,8 cm


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Weight 0,3 kg

PET, 100% BPA-free

Max. Capacity

800 ml

Max. Temperature

+4 til +40°C