Matte black bubliq drink carbonator incl. gas cylinder

A new era of carbonators
Only 8 cm. wide, bubliq is the slimmest carbonator in the world! The carbonator takes up minimal space, and will look great on any kitchen counter. Thanks to bubliq’s patented Air Charge technology™ and fast operation, it has never been easier to make delicious drinks and fresh sparkling water. With bubliq you can add fizz to any liquid; water, wine, drinks, cordial, etc. Even beverages with fresh fruit and vegetables!


  • Matte black bubliq drink carbonator incl. 800 ml BPA-free PET bottle
  • 1 x infuser cap & 1 x regular cap
  • 1 Nordic Soda gas cylinder
  • User manual

DKK 998,00


Who was bubliq made for?

bubliq drink carbonator is for us who expects a bit more. For those of us, who values minimalistic design and convenience. For us, who wants a carbonator that looks great and takes up minimal space.


bubliq is more than just a soda maker. It is a drink carbonator that carbonates ALL your beverages. Try turning your wine into sparkling wine, make a fizzy lemonade, or maybe a strawberry-infused sparkling water? bubliq drink carbonator adds bubbles to ANYTHING - even beverages with fresh fruit and vegetables! Did you know that fruit and vegetables release more flavor to your drink when carbonated? Try by adding a few slices of fresh lemon before carbonating your water.

Innovative technology

With bubliq’s patented Air-Charge technology it has never been easier to carbonate your drinks. Thanks to the Air-Charge technology, you simply put the cap on, insert the bottle on the stand, and carbonate by pressing the top a few times. With the Air-Charge technology, bubliq sets a new standard for operation of soda makers. No more hassle with screwing and bending bottles into place.

Minimalistic design

bubliq drink carbonator will fit neatly into any kitchen with its slim, minimalistic design. bubliq drink carbonator is only 8 cm wide, making it the world's slimmest soda maker! It takes up minimal space, and will look great on any kitchen counter.

Robust and reliable

The unique structure of the patented carbonation system makes it possible to sparkle all your beverages safely and easily. The pressure relief valve will furthermore prevent pressure from building up inside the bottle during carbonation. The bottle is BPA-free, free from phthalates and other harmful chemicals.

Compatible with all gas cylinders

Do you have a SodaStream or AGA gas cylinder? No problem! bubliq drink carbonator is compatible with both brands. No matter what brand or valve your cylinder have, just make sure your gas cylinder contains 425 g. In this package, yoy will find a gas cylinder from Nordic Soda.

Easy to clean

The infuser is mounted in the cap which makes it fast and easy to clean. By keeping the infuser cap clean you ensure the highest level of hygiene. If you carbonate other liquids than water, the infuser cap should always be cleaned to prevent sugar and other additives from clogging the valve. We recommend cleaning the infuser cap with warm water and mild detergent. The bottle and infuser cap is not safe for dishwasher.

Product dimensions:

Height: 42,5 cm
Width: 8 cm
Depth: 16,5 cm

Materials of the body: Plastic
Weight ex. gas cylinder: 0,7 kg.

A foot at the bottom can be turned clockwise to stabilize the carbonator.

Max content of the bottle: 800 ml.
Bottle measure incl. cap:
H: 37,2
Diameter: 6,8 cm.

Max. temperature: +4 to +40° C. NOT safe for dishwasher!


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Weight 3,2 kg

Bottle: PET, 100% BPA-free
Carbonator: Plastic (ABS)

Max. Temperature

+4 to +40°C

Max. Capacity

800 ml

Dishwasher safe?